Tapes from before 2000 I'm desperately looking for

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noneSempiternal DeathreignCreepshowNot On Label1988
noneNecro SchizmaLive Zwolle 30-6-1989Not On Label1989
noneNecro SchizmaErupted EvilNot On Label1989
noneHoly HellUnhallowed PassionNot On Label (Holy Hell-Self Released)1989
noneHoly HellKill JesusNot On Label (Holy Hell-Self Released)1989
noneAtrociousShadows Of DeathNot On Label1990
noneDisembowelmentMourning SeptemberNot On Label (diSEMBOWELMENT Self-released)1990
noneDead EndTalesNot on Label (Dead End (3) Self Released)1991
noneMorthraAlteration Of FaithNot on Label1991
nonediSEMBOWELMENTDeep Sensory Procession Into Aural FateNot On Label (diSEMBOWELMENT Self-released)1991
noneCauterorTo Atonement I Am OwedNot On Label1991
noneThergothonFhtagn-Nagh Yog-SothothNot On Label (Thergothon Self-released)1991
noneFallen TempleRagnarokNot On Label1991
noneMourning (2)Demo 1991Not On Label1991
nonePerpetual DemiseDeliveranceNot On Label (Perpetual Demise Self-released)1991
noneThergothonAbysmal DimensionsNot On Label (Thergothon Self-released)1991
noneDead EndPurityNot on Label (Dead End (3) Self Released)1992
noneDisgorgeCognitive Lust Of MutilationNot On Label (Disgorge Self-released)1992
noneExcision (2)SilhouettesNot On Label (Excision (2) Self-Released)1992
nonePerpetual DemiseMassacre To BeNot On Label (Perpetual Demise Self-released)1992
noneSimply DeathCrucificationNot On Label (Simply Death Self-released)1992
noneUlcerate FesterContradictio InterminusNot On Label (Ulcerate Fester Self-released)1992
MG 1787Sempiternal DeathreignThe Spooky GloomMG Records (2)1992
noneFunereus (2)Demo 1992Not On Label1992
noneR'lyehAncestral TerrorsNot On Label1992
noneFunereus (2)Into The Autumn ShadeNot On Label1992
noneSpina BifidaSymphony Of IndictmentNot On Label (Spina Bifida Self-released)1992
WRR TH, WRR-THThergothonFhtagn-Nagh Yog-SothothWild Rags Records, Wild Rags Records1992
noneFallen TempleAncient FearsNot On Label1992
noneFallen TempleShrines Of The PastNot On Label1992
2Fallen TempleHel's RealmNot On Label (Fallen Temple Self-released)1992
noneMalefic OathThe Land Where Evil DwellsNot On Label (Malefic Oath Self-released)1992
noneMorthraBirth of DamnationNot On Label1993
noneCauterorThey Fell...Not On Label1993
noneOrphanageMorphNot On Label (Orphanage Self-Released)1993
nonePerpetual DemiseWhen Fear Becomes....Not On Label (Perpetual Demise Self-released)1993
l.o.r. 025-93Spina BifidaZiyadahLoud Out Records1993
RED 6065-4diSEMBOWELMENTTranscendence Into The PeripheralRelapse Records1993
noneMystic CharmPromo 93Not On Label1993
HAM004Kadotus609Promotional Tape (Ech-Pi-El 609)Demonosound, Hammer Of Damnation (2)1993
noneChrist DeniedThy Horned GodNot On Label1994
noneOfficium TristeDemo '94Not On Label (Officium Triste Self-released)1994
CRR 039Mystic CharmShadows Of The UnknownCarrion Records1994
noneEsoteric (3)Epistemological DespondencyNot On Label (Esoteric (3) Self-released)1994
WICCA 94-001YsigimAin Soph OrWicca Sound Production1994
noneVariousFrom Beyond The Tape Vol. 1Not On Label1994
noneGodspeed You Black Emperor!All Lights Fucked On The Hairy Amp DroolingNot On Label (Godspeed You Black Emperor! Self-released)1994
noneSkepticismAeothe KaearNot On Label (Skepticism Self-released)1994
noneSanctorum(2)Crystal Tears Of SilenceNot On Label1994
noneCrystal DarknessSombreNot On Label (Crystal Darkness Self-released)1995
noneDisgorgeDemo 1995Not On Label (Disgorge Self-released)1995
noneSpawn (18)Before The Silence Not On Label (Spawn (18) Self-released)1995
SKMC 775-010Beyond Belief (2)Towards The Diabolical ExperimentSick Records (4)1995
noneOfficium Triste / Kurb SaatusPromo '96Not On Label1996
noneSoulwound (3)TranendalNot On Label (Soulwound (3) Self-released)1996
noneEvokenPromo '96Not On Label (Evoken Self-released)1996
noneEvokenPromo 1997Not On Label (Evoken Self-released)1997
NVM007Christ Denied...Got What He DeservedNovum Vox Mortis1998
OTDIS 002HekelDoodskouOne Thousand Days In Sodom Productions1998
noneRaven (22)Promo 1998Not On Label1998
IOT 001WorshipLast Tape Before DoomsdayImpaler Of Trendies Productions1999
PCUM002WormphlegmIn An Excruciating Way Infested With Vermin And Violated By Executioners Who Practise Incendiarism And Desanctifying The PiousPhlegmcum Productions2001

Collection (possibly to trade)

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