Mart Lubbers

A photo of Mart Lubbers.
PhD candidate at the Institute of Computing and Information Sciences (Radboud University) (GPG: AD3FEBE7)


From Till Function
2018-06 PhD candidate at the RU
2018-02 2018-05 Researcher at the RU
2017-09 2017-12 Researcher/Teacher at the NLDA
2017-07 2017-12 Programmer for Wi-Sense.
2016-02 2017-07 Student assistant at the Radboud University:
2016/2017: Functional Programming 1
2015/2016: Functional Programming 1, Functional Programming 2, Web Security
2015-04 2017-06 Owner of ITLubbers.
2013-06 2015-12 Student Assistant at Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics Processing and collecting data and developing software in the LaC department.
2012-03 2013-08 Student at


Peer reviewed


Student supervision



Date Description Course
2020/2021-Q3,Q4 Compiler Construction (half of the lectures, orals) NWI-IMC004 (RU)
2020/2021-Q1,Q2 New Devices Lab (a lecture, practicals) NWI-IBC031 (RU)
2019/2020-Q3,Q4 Compiler Construction (half of the lectures, orals) NWI-IMC004 (RU)
2019/2020-Q3 Computers en Programmeren (support the practicals) TCP1 (NLDA)
2018/2019-Q3,Q4 Compiler Construction (half of the lectures, all seminars, orals) NWI-IMC004 (RU)
2018/2019-Q1,Q2 Advanced Functional Programming (grading and half of the seminars) NWI-I00032 (RU)


Date/Files Description Link
2020-10-06 Tiered versus Tierless IoT Stacks: Comparing Smart Campus Software Architectures IoT 2020
2020-09-02 Asynchronous Shared Data Sources IFL 2020
2019-11-18 The fun of computing science: footballer brains in SoccerFun RU
2019-09-25 Interpreting Task Oriented Programs on Tiny Computers IFL 2019
2019-07-03 Promoveren en Functioneel Programmeren Studium Generale 2019
2019-06-17 Task Oriented Programming for the Internet of Things (lecture and practical) CEFP19
2019-05-21 Multitasking on Microcontrollers using Task Oriented Programming 4COWS19
2018-11-29 Task Oriented Programming and the Internet of Things. PLNL18
2018-10-23,24,25 Three day teacher training on TOP and IOT for the 3COWS project. 3COWS
2018-01-05 Task Oriented Pearl: Distributed Blockchain Applications. NLFP18
2017-08-31 Task Oriented Programming and the Internet of Things. IFL 2017
2017-03-11 Software Science masters. RU.
2016-11-17 Software Science masters. RU.
2016-11-09 GNU Make workshop. LUGN
2016-03-16 Git workshop for AI students.
2015-12-08 LaTeX workshop. LUGN
2015-07-14 Mutt workshop. LUGN
2015-04-20 Git flashtalk for AI students.
2014-09-29 ELAN-Python mini-course(pympi). MPI
2014-09-09 Introduction to the command line and bash. LUGN
2014-07-08 Advanced usage of ssh. LUGN


Software, libraries and projects

Tutorials and manuals


Reading, Heavy metal music, Hacking, Kung fu, Linux, ſ-homografen.


Using a HP t5710 thin client as a retro system LeJoS on ubuntu, Play youtube videos on headless machine, Use any untrusted linux cloud storage safe, Wlan w.o. network manager on debian.